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The Killers are a 21st century synth rock / New Wave band from Las Vegas, Nevada, who formed in 2002. The Killers took their name from a New Order video entitled "Crystal". Lead singer and keyboardist Brandon Flowers was inspired to start the band in part after seeing Oasis perform in April 2002. The band's latest album, entitled Battle Born, was released in late 2012.

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The Killers released their hit record Hot Fuss in 2004. Some of their most well-known songs are "Somebody Told Me", "Mr. Brightside" and "All These Things That I've Done".

Much of The Killers' music is based on British influences and on the music of the 1980s, particularly New Wave music. Despite their appreciation for the wave of post-punk bands that sprung up during the 80's, the band members are also avowed fans of David Bowie, Queen and U2. The influence of these iconic bands can easily be felt in some of their songs.

The Killers performed on the London stage of the Live 8 concert on July 2, 2005. They performed their song "All These Things That I've Done".