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Get access to the world's hottest events and give your clients the best experience! is a leading independent full-service ticket broker. We specialize in connecting our partners with the world's largest inventory of sport, concert, theatre and live events worldwide. Whether it's tickets to tonight's Canucks game, front-row seats to the hottest concert tours or the latest Las Vegas residency, we source tickets to the most sought-after events all over the globe.

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How do I order tickets for my clients?

  1. Register for an account on our website using your business email address that identifies you as a travel service professional.
  2. Quote out ticket prices from our website to your client, which will be the price we charge (plus any applicable local sales tax).
  3. You may place the order online or over the phone with us by calling 604 688 5000 (toll free 1 800 780 7469).
  4. You will receive a 7% commission of the quoted ticket price, which will be e-transferred to the business email used to create your account.

What people are saying...

We found to be a very good source of sports, concert and theatre tickets for our guests. Especially we find the ease of booking these tickets a great help. All ticket price options are easily accessible from their website and the simple completion of an order form makes the whole process that much more efficient.

Hugh Rae-Fraser, Concierge - Four Seasons Hotel is very fast and efficient with excellent service and reasonable pricing. I also love the fact that I can earn back dollars to put towards Entertainment of my own.

Megan McKay, Account Manager - Whistler Brewing

We partnered with on a golden ticket giveaway; it was great! We hid golden tickets in our cars with different valued ShowTime gifts. has been a great organization to partner with!

Amitis Khorsand, Marketing Manager - Zipcar