NHL lockout ends after 16-hour marathon negotiating session

By Kat
NHL lockout over
Well, it took 113 days, cancelled 625 games and put a bad taste in just about everyone’s mouths, but the NHL lockout is over. The hockey world and its fans woke up on Sunday morning to the news that a tentative 10-year CBA deal had been reached. While the deal still has to be ratified by both the owners and players, it looks like the league could finally be back on the ice come Saturday, January 19th.
As of now, no schedule has been released. However, it’s expected that it will include 48-50 games, and rumors are circulating that it could comprise entirely of in-conference games. If true, that means we likely won’t see matchups between Western and Eastern conference teams until the Stanley Cup Finals.
Now that the lockout is over, talk now turns to whether an embittered fan base will return the rinks:
Will you be watching the NHL when players hit the ice again? Or has the lockout turned you off the NHL for good?

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Demand for NHL Tickets

NHL Ticket demand to decrease?
NHL Ticket demand to decrease?

The NHL is back in full swing, as players have returned to their respective cities to pick-up the play-offs.
The 2010 Winter Olympics piqued a lot of new interest in hockey, and revived interest from longtime fans.
According to TicketNews.com, all the recent excitement may not convert into a sales boost for NHL events. In an interesting article posted yesterday, McWilliams asserts. “History certainly isn’t on the side of a post-Olympics bump in ticket sales.” He uses the U.S.A.’s gold medal win in 1980 as evidence that hype doesn’t necessarily equal higher ticket sales.
The article is worth a read, but I can’t say I entirely agree with McWilliams. With support of the sport at an all-time high, I think people will want to be in the arena. Continue reading

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