Recent event ticketing startup finds early success

Founded almost three years ago, German event ticketing and management site Amiando has discovered success a lot earlier than expected; the company has just announced that it has reached a milestone of 200 percent annual revenue growth in the second quarter and 65 percent growth over the first quarter of 2009.
Avoiding the crowded European secondary ticket market, Amiando had decided to approach the ticket industry as managers and organizers. Rather than buying and selling event tickets, the company offers their services to create, manage, promote, and distribute tickets to events, allowing customers to create their own professional events.
Amiando offers a robust, three-tiered system aimed at friends, ticket sellers, and event organizers, which simplifies the steps needed to create an event, such as guest lists, ticketing, promotion, and payment handling.
The company reports that it is selling about 30 million euros worth of tickets a year, and offers tickets in 15 currencies. And while 45% of the revenue comes from their home country of Germany, more than half their revenue comes from abroad, giving the company every right to project becoming profitable early next year.
Oringal source: TechCrunch