The Memorable 2010 Winter Olympics

Outside the building during the opening day of the 2010 Olympics.
Outside the building during the opening day of the 2010 Olympics.

The 2010 Winter Olympics are winding down, but the biggest party is yet to come. The Closing Ceremony is set to be the climax of the Winter Games, as Canada celebrates the achievements of the world’s most talented athletes.
Although officials and participants keep a tight lid on the details of the show, we do know that it will include some of Canada’s biggest entertainers. Closing Ceremony executive producer, David Atkins, wouldn’t name names, but did say, “It’s going to be a very contrasting night to the opening ceremony… a celebration of Canadian humor, talent, and innovation.” Atkins also produced the 2000 Closing Ceremony in Sydney, Australia, which featured an array of well-known entertainers. Continue reading

Figure Skating Tight to Final

rochette 3
Joannie Rochette narrows the gap

Joannie Rochette narrowed the gap in figure skating on Tuesday, as she skated like never before. She finished her short program with 71.36 points, her highest score to date.
The world was watching in support as Rochette executed her program beautifully. In what must be the most difficult time for her, Rochette performed with confidence and poise. She goes into the free skate event today in third place. Continue reading

Highlights of the Torch Relay, Linden and Nash

Last week, caught up with Trevor Linden and Steve Nash on the road for the Olympic torch relay.crowd
As we exited the sky-train at 49th Street, crowds of people began to emerge. Every sidewalk from 49th to Main and over to Oak Street was packed with crowds five people deep. By the time we reached what would be the starting place for Linden, it was a sea of red flags and shirts. Adults, children, and families waited excitedly, hoping to catch a glimpse of the torch. It was nice to see such large numbers turn out in support.
When Trevor Linden began his relay, the crowd went wild. Steve Nash caused a similar response. Children and adults alike screamed out in joy. The two were separated by about twelve blocks. Trying to reach both relays was challenging, but well worth it. I think I’m one in many who will always remember the rush of running along side two of Canada’s greatest athletes.
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Bilodeau Provides First Gold on Canadian Soil

Bilodeau 1It was the most exciting win so far for Canada, as Alexandre Bilodeau took gold for moguls at Cypress Mountain on Sunday.
The win was even sweeter as Bilodeau, a young competitor not favoured to win, bypassed Canadian ex-patriot and defending champion, Dale Begg-Smith. Their scores were close, but in the end Bilodeau broke new ground with a time of 23.17 seconds and final score of 26.76.
This long-awaited historic event has been in the making since Canada first hosted the Olympics back in 1976. This is truly an inspiring moment for the country, and is just the momentum Team Canada needs to make this the first of many gold medals won at home.
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