Metallica announces new tour dates, returns to Vancouver & Edmonton

By Ryan


Metallica announced earlier this week that they will be performing in Vancouver on August 24, 2012 at Rogers Arena. They will be playing all their hits from their 30-year career on their state of the art 360-degree stage that needs to be seen to be believed. They will also be using different visual effects and stage components through out the show.

This is the first time the band has returned to Vancouver since December of 2008. The Vancouver announcement follows earlier news that Metallica will perform in Edmonton on August 17th.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich released this statement: “Our rabid Canadian fans will love this … over the top, out of control stage that will be the cornerstone of our touring escapades for the next years to come.”

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Coldplay in Vancouver

By: Jon Jones

Coldplay Vancouver 2012

Saturday night in Vancouver can yield more than one entertainer and event to choose from, my last Saturday was won by the talented musicians from Coldplay.  Working in the entertainment industry I have come to realize there are two types of shows, a big budget experience show and an entertainer-focused, no-gimmick show. I usually lean towards a smaller more intimate experience show that has quality sound, seating and atmosphere with a performer that is there to entertain. But it seems to me that big budget shows with little door gifts and flashing hypnotic lights tend to bring in an immense audience.

Why is this? Are people more entertained by a big budget concert experience than they are with quality vocals and on-stage presents? Continue reading

Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson spins only the freshest jams.

First he brought you your RDA of vitamins and minerals as the co-founder of Happy Planet Juice. Then he brought you bike lanes as the Mayor of Vancouver. Now he’s bringing you block-rocking beats as a club DJ. Wait, what?

That’s right, Mayor Gregor Robertson temporarily traded in his tux for some turntables at the anniversary party of one of Vancouver’s favorite Saturday night parties, Glory Days at the Biltmore Cabaret.

Photo via the Straight

Well… how about that. Attendees said the Mayor actually knows his stuff, too – if the whole politics thing doesn’t work out, Gregor has a bright future ahead of him as a club DJ.

Were you there? Do you regret missing out? Let us know in the comments section below!

BC Lions face Edmonton for the first game in their new home!

CFL football has a new home in Vancouver: its old one. The fabulously revamped BC Place, traditional home of the Lions, is open for business again, and its first customers will be the Edmonton Eskimos – ready for an extra-large order of bone-crunching football, on the house.
The game, which will see the two teams face off after a 36-1 Lions victory at their last meeting, will be a chance for the Eskimos to prove themselves – and you can be sure the players are aware. The Lions, on the other hand, are eager to continue their winning streak. No matter the outcome, it’s sure to be a tense game.
Almost of equal consideration will be the experience of the brand-new stadium. Featuring more natural light, a brand-new, state-of-the-art retractable roof, vast digital screens to catch more of the action than ever before, and an incredible new sound system, the stadium is a totally new experience. The seats are even three inches wider, so don’t be to worried about hitting the concession stands.
Of course, this won’t be just another football game: the opening will be marked by a marvelous gala, featuring an incredible halftime show and internationally acclaimed recording artist Sara McLachlan to sing the national anthem.
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Pearl Jam’s new song is available for free.

After a couple of decades of sold-out arena shows, Pearl Jam have stretched the definition of the term “alternative.” It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know who they are, and of those people, it’s harder still to find someone who doesn’t enjoy hits like “Even Flow.”

The band is touring now, with a show at Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum scheduled for September 25th. In the mean time, download their new track, “Ole,” here.

Summer Live: Massive Free Concert in Vancouver

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of its founding, the City of Vancouver is hosting a free, weekend-long party and music festival featuring a boatload of Vancouver musicians. Some of them have been famous for decades, others are underground artists with a cult following, but all of them are well worth checking out.

Here’s a few we’re particularly excited for.

Mother Mother is a power-pop group from Vancouver, but frontman Ryan Guldemond’s distinctive voice, as well as the slightly morbid nature of their songs, sets them apart from other indie bands. Excellent musicianship, intricate vocal harmonies, and catchy songs make them a perennial favorite.

Check out their track “Arms Tonite” for an idea of what they’re about. Like many bands, their live show is better, but this track is pretty great.

Fond of Tigers won a Juno Award in 2010, but they’ve also won the hearts and minds of listeners unafraid of getting a little weird. Consisting of founding member Stephen Lyon and a host of extremely talented supporting musicians (two drummers! TWO!), the group plays music which oscillates wildly between jazz and indie rock, between dreamy guitar noodling and furious cacophonies. While their songs are tricky to sing along with, Fond of Tigers are well worth seeing for the immense skills of their members.

Listen to “Soheb,” a track from their latest album:

The New Pornographers are accessible, fun, and have released a string of great albums showcasing songs packed full of hooks which wouldn’t be out of place in a Beach Boys or Beatles song. The band is sort of an indie-rock supergroup (the band includes A.C. Newman, Neko Case, and Dan Bejar, the founding member of Destroyer), but are world-famous on their own.

Listen to their song “Challengers”:

Jimmy Eat World Comes to Vancouver May 21

Back in 2001, “The Middle” was my jam. Jimmy Eat World had just come out with their breakthrough album Bleed American, and the song was everywhere. It was great. The lyrics were sort of sad in an uplifting way, the hook stayed catchy no matter how many times it was played on the radio, and the guitar part was enough that I, along with millions of other high school kids, could pick out the simple chords on our cheap knockoff Stratocasters.

Then Jimmy Eat World kept releasing good albums, like 2004’s Futures and 2007’s Chase This Light (their highest charting work to date), and managed to avoid being stuck with the label of “that band that does that ‘Middle’ song.” Their latest album, Invented, was released in September 2010, and the band went on tour in support of it, playing shows worldwide as well as festival dates at Coachella, Soundwave, and an upcoming headlining gig at Reading and Leeds.

The band plays the Commodore Ballroom on May 21, and there are a few tickets to the Jimmy Eat World Vancouver concert still available at They’ve been touring for well over a decade, so they’ve had plenty of time to hone their stage act. Anybody else thinking of going? Seen them live before? Let us know in the comments section!

Tracy Morgan Vancouver Show Cancelled

tracymorganUnfortunately the Tracy Morgan Stand Up Comedy Show that was set to take place Friday, May 20th at the Orpheum Theater has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and scheduling conflicts. The 30 Rock star apologized for the disappointment to his Vancouver fans.
The show set for Edmonton on Saturday, May 21st at the Jubilee Auditorium is still scheduled to take place at 8 pm.

Nothing Beats Seeing the Vancouver Canucks Live

canucksWith the Vancouver Canucks in the Western Conference finals – the first time since their 1994 attempt – hometown pride has been overflowing as we cheer them on. I don’t think there’s anything that compares to the feeling that goes through you as you watch a game unfold. It’s a unique experience.
My fellow blogger Max and I were talking this morning and we wondered… what would you call that feeling?
Max: I’ve been watching the games on TV, along with everyone in my neighbourhood. Every time the Canucks score, you can hear a blast of air horns and cheering echo throughout downtown. It’s a good feeling, being connected to your town like that. It reminds me a bit of the Olympics. My friends and I were clustered around our television, watching the game, and after Canada pulled off that last-minute goal, we went into the street and were suddenly surrounded by the crowd. The cheering, the crying, the excitement—it was like what I’d felt while watching that game, times a million.
Andrea: Whenever I think of watching a game at home I think of having the dickens scared out of me. Game day is an event – family over, snack food on the coffee table, CBC up on the TV. Why should I be scared? Even though I know it’s coming, my Dad likes to yell “SHOOT”. It makes me jump out of my seat in surprise every time, but it’s part of the experience. It’s as though he thinks saying this to the TV will make the Canucks play better.
We came to the agreement though, that as fun as it is to watch the Canucks on TV, there’s something altogether different about actually being there.
Max: The last time I went to a game was years ago, with my parents. I remember the smell of the ice, the Zamboni, the deafening cheers from the crowd. It was amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. So with the combination of hockey tickets going for so cheap and the Canucks doing so well in the playoffs, I’m going to check out a game in person for the first time in a while.
Andrea: Seeing the game in Rogers Arena is a different experience all together. That camaraderie from home is multiplied. There’s a thrum that goes through you when you and 20,000 other fans rise to sing the national anthem. This is hometown Vancouver at its finest. It’s magic. You and the people next to you become friends as you cheer the Sedins down the ice, as you watch Luongo make the save. Watching at home is fun, but watching in the arena is exhilarating.
If you’ve never seen a playoff game live, now would be the time to grab tickets and go. There are some amazing deals to be had for every fan who wants to see the Vancouver Canucks live in action.
The next game against the San Jose Sharks is Friday, May 20th at 6 pm in San Jose. The next home game will be Tuesday, May 24th at Rogers Arena (though only if it’s needed!).