Tim Tebow's a New York Jet: Publicity Stunt or the Real Deal?

By Ryan O.
As soon as I found out Peyton Manning was going to sign with the Denver Broncos, I wondered what team would trade for Tim Tebow? The one team that I thought made sense was the Jacksonville Jaguars because Tebow is from that area, Jacksonville is in need of a player that will help sell tickets, and the Jaguars are a team that Tebow could actually start at QB for.
tim tebow conference

When I found out the New York Jets traded for Tim Tebow, I was a little surprised because they had just signed QB Mark Sanchez to an extension, and announced him as the starter right after trading for Tebow. This doesn’t make sense for a couple of reasons. Continue reading

What’s really on their minds? Pro athletes on Twitter

With the NHL trade deadline just weeks away, what better way to keep the spirit of rumors and gossip going than a browse through Twitter? Fans and sports reporters have used the social media site for years now, and it looks like more professional athletes are joining the Twitterverse to chat with us mere mortals. While we don’t think they’d be putting out any juicy insider scoops on possible trades anytime soon, it’s as close as we’ll probably get to hearing what the stars are up to away from the cameras. Some of them tweet about the charitable causes they support (like Vancouver Canucks defenceman Kevin Bieksa on Mindcheck.ca), while others are trenders (see Oilers forward Taylor Hall contemplating a possible name change).

If you’re wondering what your favorite pro athletes are up to away from the cameras, there’s a website called Tweeting-Athletes.com where you can browse through a directory containing Twitter accounts of players from all the major North American sports leagues. Time to hobnob with sporting royalty!

Who are some of your favorites athletes on that list? Let us know who’s tweets make your day!

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Seahawks Outllook in Game Three

seahawksIt’s week three for the NFL, and the Seattle Seahawks are going in 1-1. Under the new leadership of head coach Pete Carroll, the Seahawks are showing signs of change, and are still looking for their rhythm as a team.
Seattle opened strong against San Francisco with a 31-6 win over the 49ers at home. In game two on the road, the Seahawks didn’t fair so well, losing to Denver 31-14. Continue reading

Seahawks Make Changes in Off-season

seahawksThe Seattle Seahawks signed Golden Tate today. The talented second-round pick will play for Seattle under a $3.26 million dollar, four-year contract. Tate was a standout player for Notre Dame. He led the country last year as top wide receiver.
This is an exciting day for Seahawks fans and for the player himself. In Tate’s own words via Twitter this morning, “Praise God!!! Terms and conditions have been reached for the Seattle Seahawks! Let’s play ball!… Today has been such a blessing and a dream come true! But the best is yet to come!” Continue reading