Rock in Rio festival streaming on YouTube! Watch now!

The 2011 Rock in Rio festival is bringing some of music’s biggest names to Brazil for a huge celebration. If you can’t get the time off work, though, never fear: it’s streaming live on Youtube!

Acts like Jamiroquai and Ke$ha are backstage now, ready to perform their hits. Get a taste of their live show here, as well as streamed footage from earlier in the day, on the Rock in Rio YouTube channel.

BC Lions face Edmonton for the first game in their new home!

CFL football has a new home in Vancouver: its old one. The fabulously revamped BC Place, traditional home of the Lions, is open for business again, and its first customers will be the Edmonton Eskimos – ready for an extra-large order of bone-crunching football, on the house.
The game, which will see the two teams face off after a 36-1 Lions victory at their last meeting, will be a chance for the Eskimos to prove themselves – and you can be sure the players are aware. The Lions, on the other hand, are eager to continue their winning streak. No matter the outcome, it’s sure to be a tense game.
Almost of equal consideration will be the experience of the brand-new stadium. Featuring more natural light, a brand-new, state-of-the-art retractable roof, vast digital screens to catch more of the action than ever before, and an incredible new sound system, the stadium is a totally new experience. The seats are even three inches wider, so don’t be to worried about hitting the concession stands.
Of course, this won’t be just another football game: the opening will be marked by a marvelous gala, featuring an incredible halftime show and internationally acclaimed recording artist Sara McLachlan to sing the national anthem.
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Sharks ruin perfect Canucks preseason run

With a hotly contested 4-3 game Sunday night, the San Jose Sharks put an end to a perfect Canucks preseason and paid Vancouver back for putting an end to their Stanley Cup ambitions last year. It may have been the addition of Tommy Wingels (who scored two goals against Vancouver), or it may have been the Canucks’ inability to properly use their late-game advantage to catch up, but the Sharks put on a much better show than the last time the two teams crossed paths.
With this win, the Sharks continue their flawless preseason record. Expect a furious match when the Canucks and Sharks play for real on November 26.

Now you can crowd-surf like the Flaming Lips!

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne isn’t just famous for belting out psychedelic feel-good space jams like “Do You Realize” and “She Don’t Use Jelly” – the singer is well known for his unique take on crowd-surfing. During Flaming Lips shows, Wayne walks into the audience inside a giant transparent ball… and now you can, too!

Well, it’s not guaranteed that thousands of adoring fans will scream in joy as you roll across them in your shiny new hamster ball, but luckily the inflatable sphere is also waterproof–you can use it to walk across a lake, pond, or backyard pool.

The downside: it’s not exactly the safest. Once inside, you can’t open the zipper to get back out (you need a friend to unzip you). Oh, and since it’s waterproof and airtight, there’s a very real risk of suffocation if you’re not careful. Then there’s the price tag: almost $500. Still, it’s a great birthday present for a particularly reckless Flaming Lips fan with a backyard pool!

Canucks preseason heats up vs Flames tonight

Don’t be surprised if your local Canucks fan starts getting a little hot around the collar tonight–this evening at Rogers Arena, Vancouver’s favorite citizens are going up against the Calgary Flames.
With a great run last year that stopped juuuuuuuust shy of a Stanley Cup win (curse you, Boston!), the Canucks are performing better than they have in years. That’s no reason to get cocky, though: the Flames have put together a great team, and the only thing fans can predict with any certainty is that tonight’s game will see some great hockey played.
Pre-season games like this are a great way to catch Canucks hockey at a surprisingly affordable price. We’ve got tickets starting at $29–give us a call at 1-800-480-SHOW and get ready for some hockey tonight!

R.E.M. remixed… listen here!

Alternative rock gods R.E.M. (of “Losing My Religion” and “Everybody Hurts” fame) have released a great new album, and they’re streaming a remix of their new single with Peaches to celebrate. Done by Berlin’s DJ Dickey Doo and DJ Larry Tee of London (formerly New York), the official remix puts a dancefloor spin on the track. Listen to “Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter (Dickey Doo and Larry Tee’s A3 Remix)” below, and visit our REM page for more info on tickets and tour dates.

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Pearl Jam’s new song is available for free.

After a couple of decades of sold-out arena shows, Pearl Jam have stretched the definition of the term “alternative.” It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know who they are, and of those people, it’s harder still to find someone who doesn’t enjoy hits like “Even Flow.”

The band is touring now, with a show at Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum scheduled for September 25th. In the mean time, download their new track, “Ole,” here.

Green Day singer kicked off Southwest flight for saggy pants!

Rock and roll sure has come a long way since the days of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and their private jets. Green Day singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, the voice behind hits like “Longview” and “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life),” was recently asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight out of Oakland, California for wearing his pants too low.

After being asked to pull up his pants by a stewardess, Armstrong asked whether she had “better things to do than worry about that.” When he refused a second request, he was ejected from the plane. After posting about it on Twitter, however, the singer became part of a growing list of celebrities to receive an apology from Southwest after complaining about them on social media.

More at the LA Times blog.

For more on Green Day, as well as ticket and tour information, check out the band’s page on our site.

Kylie performs “Your Disco Needs You” live, a capella

At the Berlin stop of her 2011 Aphrodite tour, Kylie Minogue took a minute for some fan service and performed her old favorite “Your Disco Needs You” without the benefit of any musical accompaniment–and it sounded great. Take a listen as she does the song backed by just the handclaps and voices of several thousand fans. Now that’s a performer!

If you need tickets for Kylie’s 2011 world tour, let us know!

Harmonimix (James Blake) remixes Destiny’s Child – “Bills Bills Bills”

It boy James Blake churns out a seriously strange version of Destiny’s Child’s “Bills Bills Bills” under his “Harmonimix” moniker. Check it out below, and check with us for James Blake tickets if you feel like seeing him live–he’s on tour now with stops in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom, Seattle at the Showbox Theatre, Chicago at the Metro, DC at the 9:30 Club, and Brooklyn at the Music Hall of Williamsburg starting late September.