Lady Gaga Returns with Monster Ball Tour

Lady Gaga

With the release of her second album, The Fame Monster, pop’s leading diva, Lady Gaga set off on an extensive tour in late 2009. She will be returning to North America for the second leg of “The Monster Ball Tour,” set to kick off at the Bell Centre in Montreal on June 28th.

Over her relatively short career, Lady Gaga has quickly become an international pop sensation. Known for her bold, eccentric style and integration of innovative on-stage technology, she brings a fresh look to the world of pop. Continue reading Joins the MakeGood Program

makegood is pleased to announce our recent joining of the MakeGood program. We are excited about the opportunity to participate in this unique marketing system, which organizes socially responsible companies into a community that combines to contribute to significant causes. By becoming a part of the MakeGood community, a portion of the fee associated with monthly membership is donated to a charity decided upon by the companies involved.
The MakeGood organization will allow to not only do good works through monthly donations within their company, but effectively spread the word to a broader audience of the good works it is doing in the community on its own. Continue reading

NHL Regular Season Winding Down

The NHL playoffs are fast approaching, and fans are making predictions on their favourite teams. As the season winds down, the buzz is around this season’s MVP pick.  Heavily favoured in that category is Alex Ovechkin, who is currently tied for the lead in league govieoals. For Ovechkin, with his exaggerated celebrations and undeniable skill, confidence never seems to be a lacking ingredient. Despite having missed ten games due to injuries and suspensions, the Captials’ captain is feeling very optimistic about the possibility of soon earning his third consecutive Hart Trophy, a feat only topped by Wayne Gretzky, and matched by Bobby Orr.
According to many sources, Ovechkin is not a shoo-in. He is one in many strong contenders on track for the coveted prize. Continue reading

Conan O'Brien Comedy Tour

Conan O'Brien Straightens His Tie

In the wake of the time slot controversy involving The Tonight Show, former TV-show host, Conan O’Brien has decided to take his act on the road. It has been reported that upon leaving The Tonight Show, O’Brien is obligated under contract to stay off television until September, which marks an end to his agreement with the network.
According to an article from, an announcement was made yesterday whereby O’Brien appears to be side-stepping the rules with the launch of a live North American comedic tour. The always cheeky O’Brien is calling his tour “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour.” Continue reading

Tom Petty Take Mojo on the Road

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Classic rock band, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, begin an extensive tour in May in promotion of their newest album, Mojo, which is set to release this spring. Mojo is the highly anticipated twelfth release from the group and the first in eight years.

Going strong since the seventies, these rock icons continue to make relevant music three decades into their career. Known for their great live performances, Petty has enlisted some big name special guests to accompany the Heartbreakers on tour as opening acts. Continue reading

Simon and Garfunkel Announce North American Tour

Simon and Garfunkel

The legendary duo, Simon and Garfunkel, have announced an exciting North American tour beginning in April, covering eight dates in Canada. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel began collaborating in grade school, writing their first tunes together during the doo-wop era. They formed the band Tom and Jerry, and had a hit called “Hey, Schoolgirl” in 1957.

Little did they know that the harmonies they were crafting then would eventually carry them into the prolific sixties as frontrunners of the folk phenomenon.

Songs like “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Scarborough Fair,” “Mrs. Robinson,” and “Sounds of Silence” placed Simon and Garfunkel in the forefront of public consciousness, and brought success on a massive scale. Continue reading

Reba McEntire Hits the Road in March

Reba McEntire

As the most successful female country music artist ever, it is easy to understand how Reba McEntire gained the nickname “Queen of Country.” Over her thirty-three year career, Reba has sold more than fifty million albums, had fifty-seven top ten singles, and received the “Top Female Vocalist” award from the Academy of Country Music seven times.

Reba has seen success as an actor, author, and singer, but asserts that fame hasn’t changed her. She still sees herself as the same country girl who grew up in a rodeo family, and remains true to her roots.

In an interview, Reba said. “It is real life with me. I am not the glamorous person people may think I am. People who know me know I’m not… One of the reasons my music has lasted as long as it has is because I am a person that they can relate to and my music is what they can relate to.” Continue reading

2010 FIFA World Cup

world cup
South Africa hosts the 2010 World Cup

The countdown is on for the biggest event in world soccer. The 2010 FIFA World Cup is set to take place from mid-June to mid-July. This is the nineteenth tournament of its kind. Hosting the events is South Africa, the first African nation ever chosen as the site for the competition.
The international soccer tournament has as many participating countries as the Summer Olympics. It is the most watched sporting event in the world. The most recent tournament final in 2006 boasted a massive global audience of over seven hundred million viewers. Continue reading

Martina McBride on Shine All Night Tour

Martina McBride

Country music diva, Martina McBride, got a modest start on her rise to stardom. Raised on a farm in Kansas, McBride grew up in a musical household. As soon as she could talk, she was singing along with classic country tunes. By the time she was eight, she was performing on stage with her father’s country band.

McBride moved to Nashville in 1989 with one goal in mind, to make a name in the traditional country music world she had grown to love.

Her first break came while working as a roadie for Garth Brooks. Brooks promised McBride a spot as his opening act as soon as she pulled off a record deal.

McBride did just that. Her debut album, The Time Has Come, was released in 1992. That same year, she opened for Garth Brooks and various other top country acts. Critics praised the album, but it did not receive much commercial success. Continue reading

U2 on 360 Degrees Tour


The concept of U2 and the band itself was formed before the members of the group had much of a grasp on their instruments. In what has become a signature of the band, they realized early on that playing music is more of a platform to convey a message to an audience than it is a display of great talent.

Although they did become exceptional musically, they clung to the idea that they could use their music to spread a message. Over the years, they have donated heavily to an array of charitable groups through benefit concerts and campaigns, using their fame to highlight organizations that try to improve the world. Continue reading